FFT in C
-- Mar 31, 2024

I've been on a deep dive into DSP (Digital Signal Processing). Mainly because I want to know how audio effects work. I started with a book about programming VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins. Though I quickly found out that the DSP course I took at university was a bit too long ago, so I had to go back to basics.

New Years Resolutions
-- Jan 31, 2024

The new year is already well underway and I've got a couple of things I want to accomplish this year. Usually I just maintain this list in my head, but this year I figured I'd write them down and make the Internet my accountability buddy. Technological projects I've recently had a pretty big change at work, moving into the role of software architect. This means I spend a lot more time in meetings and way less time actually in the driver seat doing some coding.

Compile-time git version info using CMake
-- Apr 6, 2023

I recently found myself wanting to get some insight into what exactly went into a given binary that we deployed on an embedded system. As a first step I wanted to get the commit hash for the HEAD of the branch from which it was built.